The Way to Salvation

Last year, I asked the congregation in a sermon to give me their “faith questions.”  I’m trying to occasionally respond to these questions.  (It’s been awhile since I’ve done one!)  This question came out of that sermon: “How do we tackle the idea that we believe God is the only way to salvation, but there … More The Way to Salvation

Finding Balance

This is another in the series of posts responding to “Faith and Life Questions” that were asked last fall. This is a 2-part question: 1)  Q:  “How do you find balance between fully using the talents God gave and being exhausted?” 2)  Q:  “Packers or Vikings?” Great questions.  And in your first one, you nailed … More Finding Balance


This is another in the occasional series of posts responding to faith questions people wrote early last fall: The question today:  “With all the religions out there, how do we know that ours is the “correct” one?” That’s a great question.  And the answer is kind of complicated.  But first, let me unpack your question … More Knowing