Let the Dog Out

I have a recurring task set up on my computer’s “to-do” program for noon, every Tuesday. At that time, I get a reminder that pops up on my screen that says “Let the Dog Out.” On Tuesdays, before the pandemic, Lori would go all day to the Twin Cities for her work. And because we … More Let the Dog Out

Silly Love Songs

On this day, more than most others, we think of love.  Love is an emotion, love is a feeling, love is a motivator…love is…a many splendored thing.  We see love stories in the movies, on TV, and maybe most noticeably in music.  Music plays an important part in romance, doesn’t it?   It has been estimated that over 100 … More Silly Love Songs

To See or Not To See

Sometimes good stories trigger memories: When I think of “The Wizard of Oz,” I think of getting to eat dinner in front of the TV…something that otherwise never happened in our house when I was growing up. When I think of the Harry Potter books, I think of sitting on our couch with each of … More To See or Not To See

Messy Relationships

At this time of year, there is energy, and excitement: The school year is rolling Sunday School, confirmation and adult faith formation launch this next week Today, we’re sending a couple of hundred people out into the community to serve with our partner ministries We’re launching a brand new Wednesday night worship service And tomorrow … More Messy Relationships

Step by Step

Note:  In worship this weekend, we are focusing on the ministry of Pastor Kubisa Sosthene, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  He was unable to be with us on Saturday night for worship.  The text I’m posting here is from the sermon I preached about Pastor Kubisa.  Tomorrow, I will also post a link … More Step by Step