What goes in to making up a person?  I’m not talking about the biology here…the DNA, chromosomes, and cells.  I’m talking about who you are.  I’m talking about a person’s spirit, their personality, their faith, their very identity. Every single one of us has building blocks that go into creating our sense of self.  Like a Lego set, we grow and … More Foundation

We’ve Got to Talk

There are events that occur that make you absolutely stop in your tracks and say to yourself “I can’t believe that just happened.”   I remember when Lori woke me up in the middle of the night and said with a smile, “I think it’s time.”  And we hustled to the hospital.  Eight hours later, I’m holding Nathan … More We’ve Got to Talk

It is Time

On September 12, 1962, President John F. Kennedy took the podium at Rice University to speak to a crowd of 40,000 people.  It was a hard time:  Our nation was struggling.  Viet Nam was escalating.  The Bay of Pigs incident had taken place the year prior.  The cold war was heating up, and our nation, … More It is Time

No Filter

Have you ever been a witness?  I mean a real, live, actual legal witness?  Like in a courtroom?  I have.  Years ago, I was on a church summer trip with a bunch of the young people from my congregation when they witnessed a crime.  They did the right thing, and reported it, and the individual … More No Filter

Take a Walk

As human beings, we sometimes miss things.  We just do.  We’ve all done it.  We are supposed to see, or do, recognize something…and we just don’t.  I think we can all admit that it happens to us.  A few examples of what I’m talking about: A colleague of mine at my last congregation was doing … More Take a Walk


I have a group of good friends who live in California.  They never tire of reminding me that they live in the land of beaches, palm trees and movie stars, while I love on the frozen tundra.  They like to give me a hard time about being from and living in Minnesota. They like to … More Point

Tanyia Greseth to become Trinity’s Administrator

Tanyia Greseth, who has served most recently as the “Connections Coordinator” at Trinity will replace John Petersburg as Trinity’s administrator after he retires this winter. John announced his retirement earlier this fall, in order to give added focus to his expanding role as an state legislator representing our district. Tanyia joined Trinity’s staff to help … More Tanyia Greseth to become Trinity’s Administrator

In the Footsteps

“In the Footsteps” Mark 1:14-20 Rev. Todd Buegler Trinity Lutheran Church January 24-25, 2015 Grace and peace to you, from God our Creator and from Jesus Christ, who leads. Amen. I have a confession to make: I am not a fisherman. I’m not. I never really have been. I’m sorry. Some of you might be … More In the Footsteps