With Just A Word

Words have power.  They just do.  Our words have the power to shape our world…to shape how we feel about someone…to shape a relationship.  We have seen this in our lives.  We have seen this in the world around us.  We have seen this in our famly…and our friends. A compliment can lift my spirits.  … More With Just A Word

Into the Fire

When we don’t want someone to understand what we are saying, we talk in code.  We use words or phrases that “they,” whoever “they” are, won’t understand.  When our boys were little, we didn’t talk about going out for ice cream…Lori and I would talk about possibly getting  i-c-e-c-r-e-a-m. Interestingly, we use the same strategy … More Into the Fire

Deeper into Scripture

Another great question that I received from the “Questions” sermon a few weeks ago:  “I would like to venture deeper into scripture and the Bible.  But it all seems overwhelming.  Where does a novice start?  Thank you for accepting the call to Trinity.” Well first, thanks for that nice comment!  I’m very glad to be … More Deeper into Scripture