Like Clockwork

Every weekday morning, our alarm goes off at 5:30am. After getting up, getting moving, tending to the dog and the cat, I head to the gym. I step onto the treadmill and look at my watch. It is almost always 6:01am as I press the “Start” button. (Or, 6:02am if I’m moving slowly.) I do … More Like Clockwork

Worship at Zumbro Lutheran, Rochester Minnesota

This morning, Lori and I drover over to Rochester to worship with the community at Zumbro Lutheran Church. It was a wonderful experience. We encountered warm, hospitable people who were really concerned with making sure that everyone feels welcome and connected. And I had the opportunity to connect with my counterpart there, Pastor Rob Zahn. … More Worship at Zumbro Lutheran, Rochester Minnesota

40 Days

In the late 1800’s, the Union Pacific Railroad was being built. Rail tracks were being laid across the whole country to connect passengers and goods from coast to coast.  It was a massive construction project.  As a section of track in the western United States was being laid, the construction team came to a large canyon. It … More 40 Days

You’re Going to Need a Bigger Box

This week, we’re continuing our 8-week sermon series called “Truths Along the Way.”  Our series is focusing on the truths Jesus taught through the parables.   In today’s Gospel reading, you may recognize the story of “The Parable of the Talents.”  It is a parable about a master who entrusts his servants with his property before heading off … More You’re Going to Need a Bigger Box

A Word of Hope

Guest blog:  Pastor Cindy Halverson, our amazing and gifted visitation pastor, shares a word today… “Pray for our country. This will be the first Easter in the history of our nation that churches will not be fully operational.” The ache in his voice was real. The loneliness for worshipping together in the ways he had … More A Word of Hope