Visiting Ascension

On Thursday, I spent time with Pastor Tim Delkescamp, who is the senior pastor at Ascension Lutheran Church in Thousand Oaks, California.  Ascension is the largest ELCA congregation in the Southwest California Synod.  Of the congregation’s I’ve spent time with so far, Ascension is probably the most similar to Trinity. Like the two congregations I … More Visiting Ascension


As I write this, we have daffodils blooming in our garden and the crocus plants are popping up out of the ground in front of our home.  It’s a sign of spring. As I write this, our middle-school and high school students are back together in the school building, all together, for the first time…in a … More Signs

Days of Transition

The school buses are back.  This week, during my commute to work, I found myself yielding extra space to the large yellow carriers of our children as they make their way to school to learn and grow. It is a sign that the season has changed.  The long, warm days of summer are vanishing, to … More Days of Transition

All Things New

This was first published in the Owatonna People’s Press on September 12, 2015. As I write this, our two boys are midway through their first day of school. This morning Lori and I had them line up in front of the house for the obligatory “first day of school photo” that we’ve been taking every … More All Things New