A Place at the Table

Have you ever experienced really, really, really amazing hospitality?  The kind of hospitality where you knowdeep in your soul, that you are welcome?  The kind of hospitality where you don’t have to worry about a thing.  The kind of hospitality where you know that the person who is hosting you, cares about who you are, and is glad that you are … More A Place at the Table

Luther’s Kitchen

I returned home last night from Germany.  I was there to see and study the sites of the reformation and the life of Martin Luther.  It was an amazing trip, and over the next couple of months, I’m looking forward to sharing some of the stories with you.  (And I’m very excited to bring a … More Luther’s Kitchen


“All” Matthew 26:26-29 Pastor Todd Buegler Lord of Life Lutheran Church April 26-27, 2014 Grace and peace to you, from God our Creator and from Jesus Christ, who welcomes all. Amen. I believe that how we eat our meals can tell us a lot about the kind of life we lead. For example: if you … More All