From the Rooftops

I recently read an article about a project called StoryCorps.  StoryCorps was the brainchild of a man named Dave Isay, who is a documentary film maker. Isay got permission to set up a video booth in Grand Central Station in New York City.  People could sit down in this little booth, a video camera would … More From the Rooftops

Flipping Hearts

In the evening, when Lori and I sit on the couch and we flip on the TV, I’ll surf up or down the channel lineup.  It drives Lori a bit nuts, but as often as not, when channel-surfing, I’ll stop when I run across one of those house-flipping shows.  You know the ones, where they … More Flipping Hearts

Mixed Feelings

It has been a really weird two weeks.  Two weeks ago tomorrow I announced my resignation as a pastor from Lord of Life Lutheran Church to take a new call as the senior pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church in Owatonna.  So the emotional whirlwind from that announcement is swirling. I have been overwhelmed and touched, … More Mixed Feelings

Holy Ground

“Holy Ground” Mark 9:2-8 Pastor Todd Buegler March 1-2, 2014 Grace and peace to you, from God our Creator and from Jesus Christ, who calls us to follow.  Amen. I have a theory.  I believe that everybody has a place that is meaningful to them.  It is a place where you may go to recharge … More Holy Ground


I will select very carefully who I recommend reads this book. I’ll do so for two reasons: The language Nadia uses in her book is going to cause problems for some people. She is raw, she is honest, she is herself. And she can express herself with colorful metaphors better than any other pastor I’ve … More “Pastrix”