Trinity’s Future: Next Steps

This is an exciting time in the life of Trinity Lutheran Church!  During the last two years, great work has been done by the congregation gathering data, thoughts, hopes and dreams.  Three separate visioning process have taken place during this time:

  • Over 800 Trinity members took the CAT (Church Assessment Tool) survey.
  • Over 300 Trinity members participated in a “Vision Day” last year.
  • 200-300 Trinity members participated in one of the “Cottage Meetings” last spring.

People have been asking “what’s next?”  and “is anythinStepg being done with all of that information?”  The answer is yes.  In the last 6 weeks, we have been going through all of the data that came from those gatherings, meetings and studies and have been drawing together ideas and themes, and creating a plan for the next 5 years of ministry at Trinity.  This plan is as exciting as it is bold.  We are looking forward with energy.  And in 4 (identical) upcoming events, Next Step events, we are going to share this plan for the future with you.

These events will be held:

  • Sunday, September 14th, with lunch at 12:30pm and the program at 1pm
  • Monday, September 15th, with lunch at noon and the program at 12:45pm
  • Wednesday, September 24th with dinner at 4:45pm and the program at 5:30pm; and
  • Saturday, September 27th with brunch at 9:00am and the program at 9:30am

At these events, we’ll share in a great meal and fellowship, hear about our plan for moving forward together, and have a chance to talk together and to give feedback on Trinity’s future.  I’ll write more about these goals and plans in future blog posts, after they have been released at these events.

We hope all of you can participate!  We’d love to get an RSVP so we can make sure we have enough food for everyone.  You can do so by emailing, or by calling the church office at 451.4520.

God’s peace!
Pastor Todd

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