The Lutheran College Thing


And there are many, many Trinity members who went to these and other Lutheran Colleges around the country.

Our denomination has a rich legacy of higher education.  The Lutheran approach to our faith has always been a pretty intellectual, “heady” approach…so it’s no surprise that early on in the life of our denomination in the United States, a lot of attention was given to starting Lutheran colleges.  And the church takes a lot of pride in its system of colleges.  They are consistently ranked among the best of small, private liberal arts colleges, and are often considered to be some of the best values in education.

Not that there’s anything wrong with other colleges and universities.  State schools and other private colleges are all gifts to those who attend, and I always encourage young people to find the school that feels like the best “fit.”

But there is something special about the Lutheran college system.  I love the growing attention given to the vocation of the student…it’s about more than preparing someone for a job…it’s about preparing someone to live a full life of service to others.

Last night we hosted our first “Lutheran College Fair” at Trinity.  Fourteen  of our schools were represented.  And there were workshops, including one on navigating the financial aid system, and another with a panel of the college representatives answering questions about the admissions process.  It was a great night of good conversation and learning.

At Trinity, we are grateful for, and we support our Lutheran college system.  When you, your kids, your grandkids or other young people you know begin thinking about post-secondary education, I hope that you’ll encourage them to at least take a look at one of these great schools!  If you’d like more information on the Lutheran College system, you can visit to learn more!

And thanks to Kate and Pastor Dean for their work in bringing this great event to Trinity!

God bless!
Pastor Todd

4 thoughts on “The Lutheran College Thing

  1. Hello you missed the most important college! Concordia Moorhead!!!! I won’t discuss my year but it is on my ring!


    Sheri Edwardson Berg

    Youth Education Director
    Trinity Lutheran Church
    FAX 507.451.1348

  2. Whoops! So sorry Sheri! I don’t think I knew that you were a Cobber. I’ve edited the blog to include it.

  3. L-U, L-U, L-U-T-H!
    T-H, T-H, T-H-E-R!
    (Say it with me, Polly!)
    L-U-T-H-E-R Luther, Luther, goooooooo Norse!

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