The Nativity Dilemma

This weekend, as the season of Advent begins, Trinity is starting a 4-week sermon series called “The Nativity Dilemma.”  Each sermon is going to begin with a drama, acted out by a member of our congregation who is playing the role of someone who is essential to the story of the birth of Jesus; someone whose life was changed by the birth of this child.

Nobody expected the arrival of a baby to shake up their lives. But when that baby is Jesus, plans are rearranged, beliefs are challenged, and ordinary people find their lives forever changed.

Our dramas will bring Biblical figures to life as they share their dilemmas surrounding the birth of the Savior. Each week we’ll look at a different character:

  • This weekend, we’ll hear from Joseph, the father of Jesus
  • Next weekend, during our Advent Cantata, we’ll hear from his mother, Mary
  • Then we’ll experience the innkeeper
  • On the weekend right before Christmas, we’ll experience the emotions of one of the shepherds
  • And the weekend after Christmas, we’ll spend time with one of the wise men

Each of the characters will remind us that when Jesus enters the picture, our plans can get turned upside down, but God’s plans for creation leads to joy, hope, and salvation.

The weekend of December 8 and 9, Trinity’s music ministries will perform their Advent Cantata.  It’s going to be a wonderful weekend of music with the full choir and an orchestra.  It will help to shape your whole Advent season.

NativitySetAnd, as a part of our “Nativity Dilemma” theme, we are inviting the congregation to bring in a Nativity set to share on display with the congregation.  We’re going to fill tables around the perimeter of Fellowship Hall with nativity sets, surrounding the congregation as we experience the cantata.

And we know that nativity sets often come with a story:

  • “This one belonged to my Grandmother”
  • “This one was made in Tanzania…my sister gave it to me as a gift after she visited there”
  • “This is one that I played with as a toddler;” and so on…

Next to each nativity set will be a card with the name of the person who owns it, and space for a quick description or story, if there is one to share.

Nativity sets should be brought to Fellowship Hall on Saturday, December 8th between 2pm and 5pm.  They can be picked up after worship at 12pm on December 9th.

The gift of Jesus is a beautiful gift; one that is for all of God’s people…one that brings hope and life…but it’s also a gift that challenges us to stretch and grow in new and wonderful ways.

Come and worship this Advent season, and experience the Savior again.

Pastor Todd


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