Trinity Goes Back to Face-to-Face Worship…Carefully

Dear friends, On Sunday, Trinity’s congregational council made the decision to carefully re-start indoor worship in the sanctuary.  This will begin Sunday, October 18 and will take place only during the 10:45am worship hour. We are excited for the opportunity to worship together again!  Believe me when I tell you that no one has missed worshipping together more than your … More Trinity Goes Back to Face-to-Face Worship…Carefully

Take a Walk

As human beings, we sometimes miss things.  We just do.  We’ve all done it.  We are supposed to see, or do, recognize something…and we just don’t.  I think we can all admit that it happens to us.  A few examples of what I’m talking about: A colleague of mine at my last congregation was doing … More Take a Walk

How Much Longer?

Growing up, our family would occasionally road trip.  Sometimes it was to visit the grandparents.  Other times it was to spend a few days at a lake somewhere, trying (and failing) to catch fish.  Wherever we were headed, once my brothers and I were loaded into the far back seat of our family station wagon … More How Much Longer?

One of the shooting victims in Thousand Oaks sang at Trinity last year…

Tragedy most often feels distant. Bad things happen:  Perhaps a hurricane, or a tornado, or an accident, or a mass shooting, and we feel sympathy, and we wish it hadn’t happened, and we talk about it and we think to ourselves “I wish there were a solution,” and then we go on with our lives. … More One of the shooting victims in Thousand Oaks sang at Trinity last year…

With Full Confidence

I remember the first time I was called in to a hospital room where the patient, an elderly gentleman, was dying and his family was, understandably, in crisis.  I was doing my student chaplaincy at Unity Medical Center in Fridley, and while the man lying unconscious in the hospital bed was around 80 years old, … More With Full Confidence