You are Favored

I’ve read these scripture passages, probably hundreds of times.  This week, I noticed something new.  This week, I noticed that when the angel Gabriel spoke to Mary, to tell her about her upcoming pregnancy, the scriptures say that Mary was “shaken” by the angel’s words.  Other translations use the word “perplexed.”   Mary is shaken not by the presence of … More You are Favored

Way Off the Map

In his great book on adaptive leadership, “Canoeing the Mountains,” Tod Bolsinger tells the story of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  In August of 1805, Captain Meriwether Lewis stood at the freshwater spring that was the source of the Missouri River.  It had been a long and painful journey.  He and his company had been … More Way Off the Map

A Dog’s Life

This is our dog’s favorite position.  While Kennedy does enjoy walks, car rides and the occasional opportunity to bark at and chase squirrels, deer and rabbits, we will often walk into our living room to find him down and sleeping on his side, sometimes on the floor and sometimes on a chair. I’ve got to … More A Dog’s Life

The Nativity Dilemma

This weekend, as the season of Advent begins, Trinity is starting a 4-week sermon series called “The Nativity Dilemma.”  Each sermon is going to begin with a drama, acted out by a member of our congregation who is playing the role of someone who is essential to the story of the birth of Jesus; someone … More The Nativity Dilemma

Christmas as Protest

This weekend, I attended Christmas in Christ Chapel, the annual worship service and concert at Gustavus Adolphus College.  Over 350 student musicians presented performed beautiful music around the theme Ubuntu Jesu. A good friend of mine, Pastor Grady St. Dennis, is a college chaplain and Director of Church Relations at Gustavus.  During the worship/concert, Grady stepped … More Christmas as Protest

Reclaiming Repentance

Grace and peace to you from God our Creator, and from Jesus, the child of God for whom we await!  Amen. We all have moments that we’d like to take back.  “Do-overs,” one might say.  Things we’ve done, or things we’ve said that we wish we hadn’t…that we regret. I remember being young…probably in 3rd … More Reclaiming Repentance