I love almost everything about bonfires.  I love the warmth that a bonfire gives.  I love the color of the flames.  I love the smell of the burning firewood.  I love the crackling sound the fire makes.  I love when the marshmallow blends over the chocolate in the s’more.  I love the good conversations that … More Ashes

The Unexpected Jesus

When was the last time that you were really surprised?  When was the last time that you were caught by the unexpected?  Was it an unannounced guest, or a visitor?  Did you get a phone call you didn’t expect?  Maybe you were the subject of a “surprise party.”  Maybe you received good news…or perhaps bad … More The Unexpected Jesus

Whose You Are

I have a friend named Dennis who lives with a medical condition that his doctors call “Sudden Death Syndrome.”  It is a congenital, degenerative heart condition, and at any given moment, his heart could stop.  You’ve heard the occasional story of the athlete whose heart just stops while he runs on the basketball court, and … More Whose You Are

Whole Hearted

“Whole Hearted” Luke 13:31-35 Pastor Todd Buegler February 20-21, 2016 Trinity Lutheran Church Grace and peace to you from God our creator, and from Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior.  Amen. Back in my elementary school days, I took piano lessons.   Truth be told, I wasn’t a very good piano student. Actually, I was terrible. … More Whole Hearted