Something Different

The people were angry.  They were.  The Jewish people had been robbed of their land, and their dignity.  They were subjects to the Romans, their rights had been taken away and the Roman soldiers were regularly mistreating, beating and even killing those who broke any kind of law or rule.  Emotions were high, and the people were angry. Enter … More Something Different

What Do You Expect?

This past week, Lori, Sam and I watched a documentary on Netflix called “14 Peaks.”  It is the story of a man from Nepal, named Nimsdai Purja.  Nimsdai grew up in Kathmandu.  After he finished school and graducated, he decided to join the British army.  (Nepal is a British protectorate).  After serving four years, Nimsdai tried out for, and was … More What Do You Expect?

The God who Waits

Mark was a functioning alcoholic who I met when I was doing my student chaplaincy at a treatment center in the Twin Cities.  A “functioning alcoholic” is someone who is addicted to alcohol, but is able to maintain, at least for awhile, their jobs, their families and their lives.  Their addiction often does great damage in these … More The God who Waits


Tens of millions of people sat glued to their televisions on April 29, 2011 to watch the wedding of the decade. This was the day that Prince William and Kate Middleton were married. (Ok, just a moment of honesty here…who remembers watching it?  Yeah, I thought so.  I did too…I’m not particularly proud of that, … More Invitation


On August 28, 1963, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stepped up to the podium and delivered his famous, “I Have a Dream” speech. It is a speech that has embedded itself into the DNA of American culture.  At the very end of his speech, King … More Free


“Forgiven” John 4:7-15 Pastor Todd Buegler March 8, 2016 (Wednesday Evening Lenten Service) Trinity Lutheran Church     Grace and peace to you from God our creator, and from Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior. Amen. I have a confession to make. Here it is: I hate confessing. I can’t stand admitting my mistakes, my … More Forgiven


I will select very carefully who I recommend reads this book. I’ll do so for two reasons: The language Nadia uses in her book is going to cause problems for some people. She is raw, she is honest, she is herself. And she can express herself with colorful metaphors better than any other pastor I’ve … More “Pastrix”