Hear, See and Go

For the shepherds outside of Bethlehem, the night of that first Christmas was just like any other night.  All the sheep had been gathered in and there was nothing left to do except to keep watch, talk with one another, and stay stay close to the campfire, keeping warm.  That night, however, their quiet routine was … More Hear, See and Go

Soaking in Sunshine

A big chunk of the day today was spent outside, doing a home repair project. I’ll be honest: I don’t love doing home repair projects. And I really hadn’t been looking forward to today’s project. It involved digging and pouring concrete. So there’s that. But I went out around 7:30am and got started. At one … More Soaking in Sunshine

To Tell the Truth

In my younger days, I would take youth groups out on cross-country trips to build homes with Habitat for Humanity.  On the night before we left, we would always gather with families for a short worship service.  And at that worship, we would give every young person who was going a small cross, on a leather lanyard. … More To Tell the Truth