Drawn into Community

Pastor Amy Starr Redwine, a pastor in Richmond, Virginia, tells a story about a class she took while a student at the seminary.  The class was called: Confession and Forgiveness from a Pastoral Perspective.  Pastor Redwine wrote that the class was incredibly popular, and the 45 slots filled up as soon as registration opened. On the first … More Drawn into Community

Questions Jesus Asks

The very first person who knew that Lori and I were engaged was the sound guy at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome.  It is true.  It was Memorial Day weekend, 1994, and Lori and I had first hiked down from Minnehaha Falls to the spot where the creek enters the Mississippi River.  We were sitting there, by the … More Questions Jesus Asks

The Problem of the Heart

I recently read about an art museum that was having trouble keeping its guests from touching, and damaging, its priceless works of art. The paintings and sculptures that were on display were all becoming dirty and damaged.  The museum put out signs that said, “Do not touch!”  They strategically placed security guards throughout the displays…they had cameras … More The Problem of the Heart

Through God’s Eyes

Life is interesting in the Buegler household, right now.  With Nathan being a high school senior this fall, he is in the thick of the college search process.  Every day brings 4-8 pieces of mail from colleges and universities all over the country, trying to catch his attention and make their case that their campus … More Through God’s Eyes

Heart Reading

I love to read.  I really do.  One of my very favorite times is when I get to sit down for an hour or two and just read.  And books are just about my very favorite things.  Books are windows into a broader world.  They can take me places, sometimes to explore and sometimes (to … More Heart Reading