A Stewardship & Finance Update

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For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
– Matthew 6:21

We are very grateful for the 472 families who have already pledged to the Trinity in Motion fall stewardship drive. Highlights of the results include:

  • We have doubled the number of families who give $200 or more per week to the ministry at Trinity from 5 to 10 families.
  • 296 families have chosen to either increase their giving to Trinity or are new givers to the ministry at Trinity!
  • The dollar amount of new or increased gifts to Trinity total $155,170 towards our goal of $170,000 in increased giving—we are 91% of the way to our goal

We are still awaiting pledges from at least 100 families and possibly more.  Our Council and other leaders made some calls this past week.  We do hope that every family will chose to put their treasure into the ministry at Trinity which will help us to fully live into our Strategic plan.

Many folks have also asked us about how we’re doing in our current (2015) operating budget.  Again, we are very grateful for the faithfulness of our members.  Trinity has always done well with its cash flow, because of keeping a careful watch on its spending.  But typically, we have finished the year “in the red” when our actual offerings is compared to our budgeted offering.

However as of this past weekend, Trinity was (for the first time in recent memory) over $10,000 above budget in offerings.  Our hope and prayer is that this number remains in the black though the remainder of the year.

Thanks to all of you who give so faithfully to the life of this congregation.  We are a congregation in motion…we are growing…and we are reaching out to our community and our world.  And this happens because of the Holy Spirit working through all of you.  God calls us to be generous people.  Thank you for fulfilling that call!

People also regularly ask us about giving special gifts at the end of the year.  We are grateful for all of these gifts; they help us to continue to grow into our mission.  Please note that gifts must be received to the Trinity office by 5 PM on December 31, 2015 to be counted for 2015 for IRS purposes.

God bless!
Pastor Todd

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