Romans in 29 Days

In Trinity’s “Messenger” newsletter for August, I wrote about the experience of re-discovering the Book of Romans this summer as a part of our “Love Letters” summer sermon series.  Here is a 29 day plan for reading the whole book.  You can get it done before the school year begins and still have a few … More Romans in 29 Days

Who To Vote For?

I’ve noticed an almost universal reaction when the topic of the elections, especially the presidential election comes up.  There is a sigh…sometimes the rolling of the eyes, and the statement:  “I can’t WAIT for this election to be over.” Election exhaustion.  We’re all there.  It’s a long enough process as it is, but this year … More Who To Vote For?

Luther’s Prayer for a Charitable Disposition

This is Martin Luther’s prayer “for a charitable disposition.”  It seems that it is especially appropriate during this election season. Please join me in this prayer: “God, give us true obedience and perfect resignation in all things temporal and eternal.  Preserve us from the cruel vice of slandering, defaming, judging and condemning others.  Oh that … More Luther’s Prayer for a Charitable Disposition

Luther’s Kitchen

I returned home last night from Germany.  I was there to see and study the sites of the reformation and the life of Martin Luther.  It was an amazing trip, and over the next couple of months, I’m looking forward to sharing some of the stories with you.  (And I’m very excited to bring a … More Luther’s Kitchen

Looking for Luther

Tomorrow, I will begin a journey from Owatonna to Wittenberg, Germany.  I’ll leave home around 8am.  17 hours, Four airports, 1 bus ride and 4,813 miles later I will arrive in Wittenberg. Once I land in the Berlin airport, I’ll be joining up with a group of pastors and church leaders and we’ll begin a 7 … More Looking for Luther

Finding Balance

This is another in the series of posts responding to “Faith and Life Questions” that were asked last fall. This is a 2-part question: 1)  Q:  “How do you find balance between fully using the talents God gave and being exhausted?” 2)  Q:  “Packers or Vikings?” Great questions.  And in your first one, you nailed … More Finding Balance