Luther’s Prayer for a Charitable Disposition

This is Martin Luther’s prayer “for a charitable disposition.”  It seems that it is especially appropriate during this election season.

Please join me in this prayer:

“God, give us true obedience and perfect resignation in all things temporal and eternal.  Preserve us from the cruel vice of slandering, defaming, judging and condemning others.  Oh that the great misery and harm caused by such tongues were far from us!  When we see or hear anything of others that seems blamable and disagreeable to us, teach us to cover it up and to keep silent about it.  Help us to complain to you alone and to leave all to your will, and so gladly to forgive all our debtors and sympathize with them.


  • – From Luther’s Prayers; edited by Herbert Brokering.  Augsburg Fortress Publishing, 1994; Minneapolis, p. 32.

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