Who To Vote For?

I’ve noticed an almost universal reaction when the topic of the elections, especially the presidential election comes up.  There is a sigh…sometimes the rolling of the eyes, and the statement:  “I can’t WAIT for this election to be over.”

Election exhaustion.  We’re all there.  It’s a long enough process as it is, but this year especially, the tone of the conversations have created an exceptionally high level of angst about the choice our nation makes tomorrow.

I love politics.  I love the process, the dialog and the debate.  I watch politics in the same way that many watch sports.  But this year…this year has been different.  And even I am growing very tired of what’s going on.

And my fear is that because of this level of exhaustion with the process, people won’t participate.

As people of faith, we need to engage the world.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the will of God—what is good and acceptable and perfect.
-Romans 12:2.

I will never tell you how to vote.  That is not the role, or the work of the church.  I know that there are pastors who do advocate, but in the Lutheran church, we believe that decisions about voting are a matter of personal conscience.  So we will never tell you how to vote.

But I will tell you to vote.  I will tell you to engage the world.  I will encourage you to read up about the platforms of the candidates.  I will encourage to take seriously the positions of the candidates, and I will tell you to wonder about which candidate best shows love to God and love to the neighbor.  As people of faith, that is our filter.

Don’t be conformed to the angst and anger that surrounds us.  Rather, be transformed, by the renewal of your mind, and seek to discern the will of God, for what is good, and acceptable and perfect.

Martin Luther taught that the role of a citizen is to engage the world.  This is a part of our legacy as Lutherans.

So I won’t tell you for whom you should vote.  But I will encourage you to think, to pray, and to vote tomorrow.

May God grant us the wisdom to decide well.

Pastor Todd


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