Worship at Zumbro Lutheran, Rochester Minnesota

This morning, Lori and I drover over to Rochester to worship with the community at Zumbro Lutheran Church. It was a wonderful experience. We encountered warm, hospitable people who were really concerned with making sure that everyone feels welcome and connected. And I had the opportunity to connect with my counterpart there, Pastor Rob Zahn. … More Worship at Zumbro Lutheran, Rochester Minnesota

When God Shows Up

It was probably not the smartest thing I’d ever done. I was a new college graduate.  One of my best friends, Christopher, had just gotten married to his college girlfriend, Kim and they were moving to Baltimore for grad school.  Chris asked me if I would accompany him, and drive the big rental truck with … More When God Shows Up

Cradle of Light

We have visions in our mind of what the seasons of Advent and Christmas “look like.”  When I think Christmas, I think of it as a cold and dark evening.  I think of the lights of the Christmas tree and the smells of good food cooking and delicious goodness baking in the oven.  And the sounds…I … More Cradle of Light