Luther500 Germany Trip: Surrounded

There have been many “holy moments” during the Luther500 Germany trip.  Time spent in conversation with friends, good fellowship, worship…all these things come together to create an amazing experience. But the moments that really caught my attention were the moments sitting in these amazing sanctuaries.  Some of which were well over 500 years old. The … More Luther500 Germany Trip: Surrounded

Luther500 Germany Trip: Maps & Directions

The Luther500 group is having a great experience so far.  Yesterday was spent exploring Wittenberg, our adopted home for the week.  There was morning prayer, a city tour, a workshop on modern Germany and reunification, dinner and evening prayer. Today was the first of our two “travel days.”  Seven members of our group visited the … More Luther500 Germany Trip: Maps & Directions

Luther’s Kitchen

I returned home last night from Germany.  I was there to see and study the sites of the reformation and the life of Martin Luther.  It was an amazing trip, and over the next couple of months, I’m looking forward to sharing some of the stories with you.  (And I’m very excited to bring a … More Luther’s Kitchen

Where We Walk

This morning, Pastor Justin Vetrano, who is on the leadership team for the Luther500 Festival leader’s event that I’m attending in Wittenberg, Germany, spoke briefly at our morning prayer service.  He wondered about the streets and the floors.  He talked about the cobblestones on the street that run throughout the town.  How long had they … More Where We Walk

Looking for Luther

Tomorrow, I will begin a journey from Owatonna to Wittenberg, Germany.  I’ll leave home around 8am.  17 hours, Four airports, 1 bus ride and 4,813 miles later I will arrive in Wittenberg. Once I land in the Berlin airport, I’ll be joining up with a group of pastors and church leaders and we’ll begin a 7 … More Looking for Luther