Soaking in Sunshine

A big chunk of the day today was spent outside, doing a home repair project. I’ll be honest: I don’t love doing home repair projects. And I really hadn’t been looking forward to today’s project. It involved digging and pouring concrete. So there’s that. But I went out around 7:30am and got started. At one … More Soaking in Sunshine

Choose to Trust

Our community is built on trust.   We trust that our neighbors are going to look out for us.   We trust that when our light at the intersection turns green, the light for the cross-street will turn red.   We trust that our educators have nothing but the best interest of our kids in mind.   We trust … More Choose to Trust

With Just A Word

Words have power.  They just do.  Our words have the power to shape our world…to shape how we feel about someone…to shape a relationship.  We have seen this in our lives.  We have seen this in the world around us.  We have seen this in our famly…and our friends. A compliment can lift my spirits.  … More With Just A Word


I have a confession to make:  I am easily tempted.  Yes, it’s true. It could be ice cream. Or it could be potato chips.  (You see, I don’t discriminate, I like both the sweet and the salty.) Or it could be a new, really cool electronic device that does something amazing (that I probably don’t … More Temptation

Deep Roots

Today is a windy day.  As I’m writing this, I can look out of the windows of my office and see the trees on the front lawn of the church blowing around in the wind.  Branches and leaves are swirling.  But as I look down the trunk of the trees from the top to the … More Deep Roots