Luther500 Germany Trip: Maps & Directions

The Luther500 group is having a great experience so far.  Yesterday was spent exploring Wittenberg, our adopted home for the week.  There was morning prayer, a city tour, a workshop on modern Germany and reunification, dinner and evening prayer. Today was the first of our two “travel days.”  Seven members of our group visited the … More Luther500 Germany Trip: Maps & Directions

What is Ash Wednesday?

Q:  What do President Donald Trump, Beyonce, Jimmy Fallon, Rush Limbaugh, Queen Elizabeth, Pastor Dean and you all have in common? A:  Your humanity. Setting aside everything these people have accomplished, everything they’ve done and everything they have achieved, the thing we share is that we all walk this world.  We are physically made of … More What is Ash Wednesday?


I have a friend whose mother decided that she didn’t want to have any arguing or conflict among her kids over her “stuff” after she was gone.  Her solution was simple:  She got three packs of post-in notes, each in a different color, and went through her home, sticking the post-its on the back of … More Inheritance


As a pastor, this past weekend was one of my favorite ones of the whole church year.  I love, love, love watching young people affirm their baptismal vows in what is commonly referred to as “Confirmation.”  It’s so cool. First, let me explain what confirmation (Affirmation of Baptism) is not. Confirmation is not a sacrament. … More Yes