I have a friend whose mother decided that she didn’t want to have any arguing or conflict among her kids over her “stuff” after she was gone.  Her solution was simple:  She got three packs of post-in notes, each in a different color, and went through her home, sticking the post-its on the back of every piece of furniture she had.  One color for each of her kids, designating exactly who would get what.  And everyone knew.  And there was no squabbling.

The apostle Paul wrote: “Joyfully give thanks to the Father, who has enabled you to share in the inheritance of the saints in the light.”  –  Colossians 1:12

To receive an inheritance is to experience a promise fulfilled.  It is to be given a gift, having done nothing to deserve it.  It is to experience love, passed on from one to another.

The apostle Paul was writing about the inheritance that comes from God through Christ.  It is the inheritance of grace, forgiveness and eternal life.  In the waters of baptism, it is an inheritance that is promised.  In the bread and wine of communion, it is an inheritance that we are reminded of, and that we experience.  And it is a promise that is fulfilled when we are reunited with God in death and resurrection.

Confident in the promises of God, we can live our lives boldly:

  • We are children of God
  • We are inheritors of eternal life
  • We are receivers of the promises
  • We are followers of Christ

Remember your inheritance.  We don’t look to post it notes.  We look to Jesus for the words of promise, and in that Word, we discover new life in Christ.  It’s a promise.  It’s an inheritance.  It’s for you.

Pastor Todd


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