Listening Well

I have spent these weeks in my sabbatical trying to listen well. I want to hear God. I want to hear the whispers of the Holy Spirit. I am looking for direction, and wisdom, and guidance. I want these things for our church, and for our family, and for my life. God speaks. I believe … More Listening Well


This Lent, we are focusing our Wednesday, mid-week Lenten worship services on the word “Scarred.” God created the world and declared it to be “good.”  But sin and brokenness entered the world.  In our confession, we acknowledge that “we are captive to sin, and cannot free ourselves…” Sin shows up in broken relationships: Our relationship … More Scarred

In the Name

“In the Name” John 16:12-15 Pastor Todd Buegler May 21-22, 2016 Trinity Lutheran Church Grace and peace to you from God who creates, from Jesus Christ who redeems and from the Holy Spirit who sustains. Amen. When our boys were young, we (and by “we,” I mean mostly Lori) were active in our school district’s … More In the Name

With Us

“With Us” John 1:10-18 Pastor Todd Buegler January 3-4, 2015 Trinity Lutheran Church   Grace and peace to you from God our Creator, and from Jesus, the Son of God and the incarnation. Amen. One of my very favorite places to take groups camping is Assateague Island National Seashore, on the Maryland coast. I’ve brought … More With Us