This Lent, we are focusing our Wednesday, mid-week Lenten worship services on the word “Scarred.”

God created the world and declared it to be “good.”  But sin and brokenness entered the world.  In our confession, we acknowledge that “we are captive to sin, and cannot free ourselves…” Sin shows up in broken relationships:

  • Our relationship with God
  • Our relationships with each other
  • Our relationship with creation

Broken relationships leave us wounded, and wounds leave scars.

As surely as we are all captive to sin, we are all scarred.  The scars we carry may be physical, emotional, spiritual, vocational or scars of grief and loss.

In our sermon series, we will explore what it is to live as people who have been scarred.  We will look at each of these aspects of our lives, calling on the wisdom and expertise of people who work in these areas every day to gain an understanding of what it is to live as scarred people, who seek the healing that comes through Christ.

Our scars may affect us, but they do not define us.

Our identity comes from our baptism, when we are called “child of God” and receive the promises that come through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ:

  • The promise of eternal life
  • The promise of forgiveness of sin
  • The promise of healing of our brokenness
  • The promise that wherever we go, God goes with us
  • And the promise that we are a part of a family of faith and a community of support

As people of faith, we trust in the healing that comes through God.  As Jesus healed those in need, Jesus heals us.  As Jesus was resurrected, we too cling to the promise of the resurrection.  And as Jesus showed his scars to Thomas and the disciples as signs of his crucifixion, death and resurrection, our scars become reminders and signs of God’s work within our own lives.

Our scars are not reminders of our woundedness, but rather are signs of our healing.

We are scarred, but we are healed.

We will be scarred, but we will be healed.

Come to worship on Wednesdays and discover the healing that comes through Jesus.  12pm and 6pm.

Thanks be to God!
Pastor Todd

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