A Prayer for Memorial Day


God of all Grace,

As a community, we gather today to remember.

  • We remember the men and women who gave their lives in defense of their nation, and of freedom, here and abroad.
  • We remember neighbors, friends and family members who we love, and who we miss dearly.
  • We remember that though they came from different parts of our nation, from different faiths, from different classes and from different races, what bound them together was their belief in a cause much larger than themselves: freedom for all of your people.

In the same way God, as we gather on this day of remembrance, we ask that you bind us together as a nation.   Heal our grief. Renew our commitment to justice, to freedom and to peace. Be with our leaders and grant them wisdom. And let your people learn from the example of those we gather to remember today.

All this we pray in your Holy name, the creator, redeemer and sustainer of the world.


*The prayer given at the Owatonna community Memorial Day Remembrance Ceremony

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