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Write the Next Chapter

Human beings, by our very nature, don’t like things that are “unfinished.”  We like things that are complete…whole… done.  When we experience things that are left unfinished, it makes us feel like … Continue reading Write the Next Chapter

The Jesus You Didn’t Expect

This is, of course, a most important season.  A season that catches our attention… a season we approach with anticipation…a season that makes us look with awe and with wonder. I … Continue reading The Jesus You Didn’t Expect

What the Governor’s New Guidelines Mean for Worship

Hello friends! On Friday, Governor Tim Walz released new guidelines for businesses, organizations, events and faith communities. These guidelines give more options and opportunities for congregations to be together for … Continue reading What the Governor’s New Guidelines Mean for Worship

To Tell the Truth

In my younger days, I would take youth groups out on cross-country trips to build homes with Habitat for Humanity.  On the night before we left, we would always gather with … Continue reading To Tell the Truth

Silly Love Songs

On this day, more than most others, we think of love.  Love is an emotion, love is a feeling, love is a motivator…love is…a many splendored thing.  We see love stories … Continue reading Silly Love Songs

Trinity Annual Meeting Recap: We’re Moving Forward

Last Sunday afternoon, members of Trinity Lutheran Church gathered on Zoom for our first-ever online annual meeting. I love annual meetings. I really do. And while I would much prefer … Continue reading Trinity Annual Meeting Recap: We’re Moving Forward

It is Time

On September 12, 1962, President John F. Kennedy took the podium at Rice University to speak to a crowd of 40,000 people.  It was a hard time:  Our nation was … Continue reading It is Time