Worship at North Point

On Sunday, I worshipped (in-person!) at North Point Community Church, just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. North Point is a non-denominational church with 8 different campuses across the Atlanta area. If you add the worshipping attendance at all 8 campuses up, North Point averages over 35,000 people worshipping together every weekend. North Point is led by … More Worship at North Point

Who is our Audience?

The past two Sundays, I had the opportunity to participate in worship online, from the comfort of our couch at home. First, with Church of the Resurrection, a large Methodist congregation in Kansas City, and then with Lutheran Church of Hope, a large church in Des Moines. My intent had been to worship in person … More Who is our Audience?

Listening Well

I have spent these weeks in my sabbatical trying to listen well. I want to hear God. I want to hear the whispers of the Holy Spirit. I am looking for direction, and wisdom, and guidance. I want these things for our church, and for our family, and for my life. God speaks. I believe … More Listening Well

The Long View

I love my Kindle. I love it because it’s convenient, and I can carry tons of books in a single, small device. Even more than that, I love it because when I decide to purchase a book, it’s just right there. Like magic. I hit the “purchase” button, and 10 seconds later, the book is … More The Long View

Gifts that Build

So it is with you. Since you are eager for gifts of the Spirit, try to excel in those that build up the church. 1 Corinthians 14:21 Everything has a purpose…a reason…a “why.” The gifts of God, the fruits of the Spirit, are given for a purpose. And as the recipients of these gifts, that … More Gifts that Build

Visiting St. Paul Lutheran; Davenport, Iowa

St. Paul Lutheran Church is one of our sibling congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. There are a lot of parallels between St. Paul and Trinity. The approximate size, age, style, staff and structure between the two congregations are very similar. We’ve also shared a pastor! Pastor Amanda served at St. Paul as … More Visiting St. Paul Lutheran; Davenport, Iowa