Chicano Park

On Tuesday, our friend and colleague, Pastor Manuel Retamoza, took Lori and me to spend time at Chicano Park, in San Diego. Following World War II, the interstate freeway system was built, and I-5, running up and down the California coast, cut through a Latino neighborhood in San Diego. Homes and neighborhoods were destroyed. To … More Chicano Park

Soaking in Sunshine

A big chunk of the day today was spent outside, doing a home repair project. I’ll be honest: I don’t love doing home repair projects. And I really hadn’t been looking forward to today’s project. It involved digging and pouring concrete. So there’s that. But I went out around 7:30am and got started. At one … More Soaking in Sunshine

Beauty Surrounds Us

Sabbatical Day 11 Lori and I are spending the week on Minnesota’s North Shore, about 25 minutes up Highway 61 from Two Harbors. It’s been a good week. We’ve had opportunities to sit and stare at Lake Superior, to read, to write, and to take hikes through state parks.  (Side note: The week after Memorial … More Beauty Surrounds Us

Created Fresh

And God said, “it is good.”  It is good.  It is amazingly, astonishingly, good.  And we are the beneficiaries of this goodness. The scripture tells us that there is an author, a creator, and that the creator is good. The creator is the source of all things good. The Hebrew word for God is Elohim…Elohim … More Created Fresh