Mission Jamaica: Day 6

Day 6C
The Glistening Waters


One of the really cool things about an experience like Mission Jamaica is the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and get to know people.  And with the connections of folks like Jeff Peterson, the MJ director, it makes it really fun as well.

Today, after we spent some time hanging out around the hotel, and then had our devotions, we had the chance to go to “Glistening Waters.”

Day 6A
Eating at Herby’s

First, we went to Herby’s.  Herby’s is a small local restaurant, off the beaten path.  It’s not on the tourist track.  We had two choices:  Chicken or fish.  And the fish is cooked and served, head and all.  I’m told it’s quite tasty.  I opted for the chicken.

After dinner and good conversation (complete with lots of laughter) we walked out onto Herby’s dock and boarded a boat for a trip out onto the lagoon.  It’s a weird combination where the fresh water from a river pours into the lagoon, which is salt water.  Then you mix in some weird microscopic organisms that are fed by the leaves that drop into the lagoon from the trees around the perimeter, and you get bioluminescence.  Day 6D

What you really get is amazing!

Any motion in the water creates a bright blue glow.

  • Like the boat propellers turning.
  • Like people swimming
  • Like people doing the cannonball off of the side of the boat.

It was, quite simply breathtaking.  And three in our group (Sam, Sam and Drew) got up the gumption to go swimming.  (And Susan and Melanie get credit for sitting on the edge of the boat dangling their feet in the water!)

There are only four places in the world where this phenomenon takes place.

What a gift, to be able to experience this!  It’s very cool to see another aspect of God’s creation.  And another aspect of traveling out of area (and our comfort zone!) to experience the beauty of God’s creation!

Tomorrow:  Back up to Westhaven one more time for the community and for worship.  Then tomorrow night our closing worship before we depart for home on Monday.

God’s peace!
Pastor Todd

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