Valet Parking? Yes! Valet Parking!

valet-parking-signYes, Trinity is starting a valet parking program.

When we went through our building construction and renovation program a few years ago, Trinity was made much more physically accessible for those who have mobility issues.  The stairs at the main entry that once were a barrier are gone.  There is no curb at the drive up.  Now it’s possible for someone to walk or roll their way from the parking lot into the Sanctuary, the Fellowship Hall and the office area without having to climb (or be assisted with) a single step.

But we also are aware that the distance of the walk, even from the close “handicapped accessible” parking places can be daunting for some.  It can be a long way to go, especially in the winter.  I’ve heard many people, when I’ve visited with them, say that it’s just too hard, physically, to get to church.

So beginning this weekend, for those who have significant mobility issues, we are starting valet parking.

We are grateful to Roy Collette, who has taken the lead in this initiative.  He has assembled a team of volunteers who will be at the main entry.  Now, if you have mobility issues, you can pull up there, hand your keys to one of our volunteers, and they will park it for you.  The keys will be kept on a board for safe keeping and when you walk out of worship, one of the team members will go get your car and pull it up for you.  And if you might be interested in serving and being a part of this team, please send Tanyia an e-mail and we’ll get you connected to this ministry.

Our goal is to make it as accessible and easy to worship at Trinity as possible.

If you think of other ways that we can help welcome, and make accessible, our worship services and other ministries, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

See you in worship!

Pastor Todd

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