The Best Day Ever*

This is the day that the Lord has made;
    let us rejoice and be glad in it.
– Psalm 118:24

Sometimes, you’ve just got to tell someone about your day.  And I had one of those days yesterday (Sunday).

I have to admit, I was fully prepared to have a miserable day.  Like you, I woke up and looked out the window.  The strong wind was still blowing the new snow off the rooftops and the trees, and there were 8.2 inches of new snow on the ground where just 48 hours earlier had been barren ground, with grass that was almost ready to “wake up.” My attitude immediately went down the tank.  I just wanted to curl up and go back to bed.

But worship was on at Trinity, and I could hear the plows out running through my neighborhood.  So I prayed for an adjustment of my attitude, I got myself ready, and I went out to snow-blow a path for our car to the street (only 1 lane wide…I didn’t want to overdo it).  I navigated my way to church.

And then, much to my surprise, I had, the best day ever.  Let me tell you why:

  • Worship was great.  While we didn’t set any attendance records, people did come; more than I anticipated considering the conditions.  For worship, we roped off the back of the sanctuary to move people forward, to create a bit more of an intimate feel.  The Trinity Men’s Ensemble sang for the first time ever, and they were absolutely incredible.  All three services yesterday were great!
  • At the “spur of the moment,” we decided to live stream the sermon during the 9:30am worship service.  We figured that if there were people stuck at home, maybe they’d like to participate.  We couldn’t stream the whole service because we didn’t have the proper copyright license to stream the music.  I heard from others that 14 or 15 people were watching it live from their homes.  (Except for one Trinity member who was traveling for work and watched the sermon from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia!  How cool is that!)
  • Today at noon, Trinity’s congregational council met for its regular monthly meeting.  It was a fantastic meeting.  I was reminded again about what a great group of leaders we have.  We heard a report from our children, youth and family staff on an important new project they’ve been working on. They are creating a new “Scope and Sequence” for our ministry with young people.  It will give us a road map to follow in faith formation.  Chris, Kate and Sheri, working with Intern Pastor Madison, have done a fantastic job putting this piece together.  You will hear more about this in the next month or two.  And their presentation to the council was wonderful.  In addition, the council talked about our work on developing metrics, we talked about a financial summit coming up this week, and we discussed some upcoming changes in our intern program.  (More on this later.)   Trinity is blessed with an amazing set of leaders!
  • At 2pm, we hosted the Owatonna Symphony Orchestra’s spring concert in our
    The orchestra in concert at Trinity

    Fellowship Hall.  Over 350 people attended, in addition to the 57 musicians in the orchestra.  The music was fantastic.  I was blown away by the gifts and talents found in our community.  And the wrap up, a medley of pieces by John Williams, was perfect.  The concert totally lifted my spirits.

  • After the concert, I headed to a meeting of a sub-committee of Trinity’s call committee, working together to edit our “Congregational Profile” before we send it in to the Synod office.  We made good progress and laughed a lot as we worked.  Again, I’m grateful for good leadership.
  • Then I headed home, and our family shared diner together.  (Lori made a wonderful cheese tortellini with a homemade sauce with Italian sausage.) The food and the conversation were great.
  • And then, we just hung out.  And I got to spend some time reflecting on the day.

It was a good day.   A busy day, but a good day. It was the kind of day that makes me glad, and thankful to be a pastor at Trinity.  When I’d woken up, t wasn’t the kind of day I’d expected.  And I’m still not thrilled about all of the snow on the ground (on April 15th?)

But often God takes our expectations and turns them upside down.  And frequently, God takes those things that we are least excited about and does the most with them.

Yesterday, God reminded me that I need to step into every day open to the possibilities of how God is going to work.

Yesterday is the day that the Lord has made.  And it was, pretty much, the best day ever!  Thanks for letting me tell you about it.  I’m looking forward to what today bings.  Thanks be to God!

Pastor Todd


*ok, so maybe Lori’s and my wedding day, and the birth of our children were all better days.  But still, yesterday was pretty darn good!

One thought on “The Best Day Ever*

  1. And how about the lessons for the day – The apostle John taking the Jewish leaders to task for killing Jesus…The same apostle who several weeks before had been hiding from them. Then Jesus appeared and their lives were changed again. Even the Psalm echoed the NT texts – In Him is our refuge and sanctuary.

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