Suitcases of Love…and stuff


There are 13 large (and heavy!) suitcases stacked, tagged, labeled and ready to go, sitting in my office.  This week, when people have come in to see me, they walk in, we greet, shake hands and then they notice “the pile.”  Their eyebrows go up and they look at me with a “what in the world is that?” kind of look.  I can’t blame them.  It looks pretty funny!

But when people walk into my office, and give me this quizzical look, it gives me the opportunity to tell the story of the Mission Jamaica experience.  And as I talk about Westhaven Children’s Home, and as I talk about the work our team will be doing there, and as I talk about the donations, given by the congregation to go to Westhaven, I can see the understanding cross the person’s face.  And inevitably, they smile.

There is power in telling these stories of our God at work!

So thank you!  Thank you for your time and energy as you donated these items.  Our team will enthusiastically carry them all the way to the orphanage.  This collection of clothes, toothbrushes, tools, protein powder and more is a holy offering that will (literally) help bring life to people in need.  Thank you for your generosity.  Somewhere around 500 pounds of stuff will be on its way on Monday, and will be delivered on Tuesday.

And every day next week (usually not until later evening…assuming that the Jamaican internet cooperates) I will post an update on this blog, hopefully with photos so you can see what our team is up to.  Please check back daily and read the story of our team in Jamaica.

And tell the story.  Every day.  Tell the story of God’s love.  You can talk about our team in Jamaica, or you can talk about any of 100 other stories of where you’ve seen God at work.  Tell and share of God’s love at work in the world.

Thank you again!
Pastor Todd


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