Tanyia Greseth to become Trinity’s Administrator

Tanyia Greseth, who has served most recently as the “Connections Coordinator” at Trinity will replace John Petersburg as Trinity’s administrator after he retires this winter.

John announced his retirement earlier this fall, in order to give added focus to his expanding role as an state legislator representing our district.

Tanyia joined Trinity’s staff to help coordinator our capital campaign when we were doing our building addition seven years ago.  After the campaign concluded, she continued to work in our administrative support area, and in recent years has worked to help coordinate our connections ministry, our hospitality ministry and parts of our stewardship program.

John Petersburg

During the winter months when John would go to the capital while the legislature was in session, Tanyia would step into his role on an interim basis, and did a fantastic job.  Prior to working at Trinity, Tanyia was the administrator for a dental and oral surgery practice with multiple locations around southern Minnesota.

Tanyia is uniquely qualified to serve as our administrator.  She knows and loves the congregation, and has the skills and gifts to do this work.  Tanyia will assume this role on January 1, and will overlap with John Petersburg, who will finish his 20 years of service at Trinity at our annual meeting on February 4.

As administrator, Tanyia will be responsible for Trinity’s day-to-day operations, especially in the administration, finance, hospitality, stewardship and property areas.

Barb Howell
Barb Howell

After John announced his retirement, Trinity’s personnel commission analyzed Trinity’s current administrative structure and needs.  After interviewing Tanyia, they found that her gifts, skills and talents match our administrative needs very well, and recommended unanimously that she be offered the position.

As Tanyia shifts into her new role, Barb Howell, who has worked part-time as our financial secretary, will increase her hours slightly and will take on a larger role managing Trinity’s budget and financial health.  We will then add part-time administrative hours to take over some of the new members, hospitality and other tasks that Tanyia had been doing.

For 20 years, Trinity has been blessed to have John Petersburg as our administrator.  The blessings will continue now as Tanyia steps into her new role.

Please join me in congratulating Tanyia!

God’s peace,
Pastor Todd


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