Trinity’s Call Committee Formed

Trinity has formed its Call Committee to seek a person who will provide leadership to our faith formation ministries.

The congregational council reviewed names of individuals with a broad generational representation of the congregation, and who had a level of investment in our children, youth and family ministry now, or in the past.  All of the individuals who were nominated have agreed to serve.  We’re very excited for this group and are thankful for their willingness to give time and energy to this important process.

The call committee is made up of:

  • Molly Froman (also serves on congregational council)
  • Mike Keller (also serves on personnel commission)
  • Mason Oland (youth)
  • Judy Qualley
  • Jenna Spatenka (youth)
  • Andy Tackmann
  • Colin Whalen
  • Anissa Williams
  • Pastor Todd

The Call Committee will meet for the first time next week, and will begin the process of reviewing position descriptions and our congregational profile.

The other two recommendations that came from our personnel commission and were approved by Trinity’s congregational council were that:

  • We would be open to the position being filled by either a pastor or a deacon.  The primary concern should be calling the best possible person for the role.  If it is a deacon, then we would also identify a visitation pastor on a part-time basis to provide assistance with pastoral care, funerals and weddings.
  • We will realign the pastoral position descriptions so that this new person wold have responsibility for all of faith formation, from childhood through adults.  This would open Pastor Amanda up to doing work in other areas, probably in local outreach.

We have great confidence in God’s Holy Spirit that we will be led to the best person to provide leadership for this ministry.  Please keep this team in your prayers as they begin their work.

In the meantime, please let me know if you have any questions.

God’s peace,
Pastor Todd

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