Mission Jamaica Day 4 – Tuesday

It was a beautiful day in Jamaica!  (spoiler alert: it usually is)

We were up for breakfast at 7am and after hearing our scripture for the day, we were on the road by 7:30am.

Sorting Donations

We sent a team to work on the J’abode house, and another to Westhaven.  J’abode, by the way, is the Jamaican equivalent to Habitat for Humanity.  They provide small, simple homes for families in need of assistance.  The home that members of our team has been working on this week is for a woman who is one of the housemothers at Westhaven.  So it’s nice to see the connection.

Our team worked on filling the foundation, painting and hanging siding and working on the roof.  The hope is to finish the work tomorrow.

Our team at Westhaven worked directly with the residents, as well as continued its work digging the hole for the new septic tank for the brand new school house bathroom that has been added.  We completed the hole and got the tank installed and then backfilled.  All that’s left is putting in the drain field tomorrow and it should be ready to go!

Another team worked on sorting all of the donations that came in both from Trinity and from Lord of Life Lutheran, the other church that’s down here with us this week.  There was a ton of stuff (well, not a ton…but 1,350 pounds) of donations to sort,  move and shelve.)  Those donations are going to last them a long time.

We met for devotions tonight and had a really good conversation about hope.  In particular we talked about how hope and strength are interconnected.  It was a lively conversation.

Tonight the Trinity group went together to dinner at the Italian restaurant and had good

The Trinity team after dinner tonight

conversation together about our week.  This has been such a great group to be a part of.

Now we rest.  We’ll meet for breakfast at 7am again tomorrow for our last work day up the mountain.  We’re looking forward to seeing what God is up to tomorrow in the community of Copse, as well as within our group!

We remain grateful for your prayers!

God’s blessings!

Click here to see all of the Mission Jamaica 2019 photos.

Pastor Todd


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