A New Sermon Series: Bible Stories to Love and Remember

I remember the stories.  I heard them growing up.  In Sunday School, in our home, at my grandparents’ farm, these became stories that helped shape me.

  • The creation story
  • The story of Moses and the burning bush
  • Noah and the flood
  • Jonah and the whale
  • The Exodus
  • Daniel and the lion’s den
  • The story of Esther
  • Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego

And many more of these stories.  They are familiar, and comfortable.

The Children’s Bible I read from as a kid

Often, we think of these stories as Biblical children’s stories.  There is no good reason for this, other than the fact that we most often hear them as children.  These stories don’t typically show up in the regular scripture rotation for weekend worship.

But when we go back and read or hear these stories again, at an older age, they take on a different meaning.  There are subtleties and nuance that we might not pick up as a 3rd grader.

This summer, we are going to begin a new sermon series:  we are going to take a fresh look at these stories.  If you have heard them before, then come and hear them again through a different filter.  And if you have not heard them before, you’ll definitely want to hear them.  In these stories we discover wisdom, love and grace.  We see how God has worked in the past, and we’ll discover how God connects with us today.

These are classic Bible stories.  They are stories to love, and to remember.

See you in worship!
God’s peace,
Pastor Todd

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