Going West…

Today, Lori and I travel to Southern California. We will be there for a week. I have 3 goals for our time there:

First, I’m looking forward to visiting some congregations, talking to their pastors, and learning about their ministry. Tonight, we will worship at Saddleback Church, which is a large and diverse church with multiple campuses. They are known for their hospitality and sense of welcome. During the rest of the week, we will visit and see other congregations and I’ll have conversations with their pastors.

When I was seeking out churches to visit, I called some friends I have in Southern California and I asked them “tell me about churches that are really good at thinking forward.” I’m looking forward to good conversations.

Second, I’m looking forward to hanging out with Lori. I’m glad that she was able to come along with me on this trip. Life can frequently feel so busy that it’s nice just to have some focused time. And she has a job where she is able to work remotely, so while I’m meeting with pastors, she can still get done what she needs to get done.

And third, I’m looking forward to having some fun. It is, after all, California. And there are some things to see and do. (There may be a day at Disneyland baked into the week.)

I’ll continue to update this blog as the week progresses. It may or may not be interesting…but it is a good way for me to journal the things I see, and a good way of keeping myself accountable to my goals for this sabbatical.

One thought on “Going West…

  1. Futuristic thinking is good as are the goals of your sabbatical. It is important to have some fun and time to relax too – so enjoy! Look forward to your blogs.

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