94033 – Advent

Advent2014Advent is a season of waiting…or anticipation…of expectation.  It is a time that we can focus on gifts…yes, the gifts that we might give each other, and that we might find under a tree.  But even more importantly, the gift of grace and love that comes in the form of a child.

“Let your face shine upon us, and we shall be saved.”  – Psalm 80:7

This Advent, there are 3 new things that we are doing that will hopefully help you in your Advent journey:

1.  Daily Advent devotions by text message.  Go to www.tlcowatonna.org/text to sign up to receive a short, daily Advent devotion every morning sent directly to your phone.  Or, text the word advent to 94033 to subscribe.  It’s a great, daily reminder of the love and grace of God.

2.  Trinity is producing an online “Advent Calendar.”  Beginning December 1, we will have a daily faith moment for individuals and families.  Go to www.tlcowatonna.org/advent-calendar and click on the date.  It might be a short video, a word of thanks or encouragement, or a short written piece.  Do it together as a family before dinner, or at bedtime.

3.  The Sanctuary is open for prayer and reflection.  Every day during Advent, from 7am-9pm, the Sanctuary will be open and available if you’d like to come in and take time to pause, to reflect, to light a candle and to pray.  Sometimes we just need some time to think and process how God is working in our lives.  Sometimes we just need a moment away to talk and to listen to God.  Please make yourself at home in Trinity’s sanctuary.

Of course, this is all in addition to worship, to fellowship, to the Advent Workshop, and to the things that we do together as a church as we await the birth of our Lord.

God’s blessings!
Pastor Todd

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