SunRiseSatisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love,
    so that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.”   – Psalm 90:14



What does it mean to be satisfied?  And why does this line from the 90th Psalm ask God to make us satisfied in the morning?

I wonder how many times I rush into my day without thinking about what God does for me?

Martin Luther talked about reminders, or triggers during his day that would bring him back to his baptism.  He said that when he would wash his face in the morning, and would feel the cold water splash on his face, it would remind him of the waters and the promises of baptism.  “I am a child of God, loved beyond measure.”

But more often than not, in the rush of the morning (take the dog out for a walk…shower and get ready…slam down breakfast…get my stuff for work together…get the kids loaded up…deliver one (or two) to school…get to the office…) I fear that I take for granted God’s renewing Word.  I have forgotten to take a moment of pause, and to remember what God has done, and what God promises to do for me.

Because when I pause, when I remember, my soul is satisfied.  On days that I stop and think of God’s gift of grace through Jesus, I go into the day with a whole different perspective.  The lens through which I look at my day opens up, and I see grace wherever I go.

Look…see what God is up to…and be satisfied.

Dear God, help me to pause.  Help me to remember.  Satisfy me in the morning, with your steadfast love, that I may rejoice and be glad, all my days.  Amen.

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