Mission Jamaica: Day 5

Day 5AToday was a good day.  A very different kind of day than the past 3, but equally important.  When you jump into a community of service as radically different in every way imaginable as our time at Westhaven has been, you need some time to process it.

At Westhaven, we had our sense of reality “bent.”

  • Physically, working very hard in extreme heat conditions, learning and practicing new skills.
  • Socially, working together as a team of people that we didn’t know well before we boarded the plane.
  • Emotionally, as the children of Westhaven grabbed hold of our hearts and squeezed.
  • Spiritually, as we discovered ways that God was working through us that we’d never expected.

Day 5CThere’s a lot to process.

So a part of the program is to take some time at the end of the work days to think, reflect,
process, pray and talk with each other about what we did together in the last three days.  That’s today and tomorrow.

It’s also a chance to explore and see some of the amazing beauty that is Jamaica.  Seriously, this place is amazing!

SDay 5Eo during the morning, most of the group hung out by the water.  There was good conversation and laughter.  More than once tonight I heard people say “It was a good day… but my thoughts kept going back to Westhaven.”

This afternoon, the group went together on a catamaran out into Montego Bay.  It’s a Mission Jamaica tradition.  We cruised around for awhile before anchoring and doing some snorkeling over a protected reef.  It was beautiful.

Then it was back to the hotel for devotions, dinner and a group hu
ng out in the lobby for quite awhile playing games.

God is good!  All the time!
Pastor Todd

Day 5F

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