A Capital Campaign Update: We’ve Got a Great Story to Tell

Hello Trinity friends,

Normally, I use this blog to share sermons, or devotional thoughts or reflections.  But occasionally I also use it to share important news in our life together.  Today I have one of those updates that I’m really excited to share.

We are now a couple of weeks into our “A Story to Share” campaign.  Letters with pledge packets will go out to the whole congregation on Monday.

But we’ve already received a significant number of early gifts.  To date in our “A Story to Tell” Capital Campaign:

  • Trinity has received 55 pledges
  • These 3-year pledges total: $559,980
  • The average pledge (to date) is right around $10,000
  • These pledges are significantly higher than they were in the last two capital campaigns

And as for pledges to our “Trinity in Motion” Annual Fund Appeal:

  • Trinity has received 52 pledges
  • These pledges total: $260,155
  • These pledges are 8.7% higher than the same pledges were last year

We’re very jazzed about the response to both our Capital Campaign and our Annual Appeal.  Clearly, people are excited about Trinity’s vision moving forward.

While we are certainly interested in raising our financial resources to grow our ministry, our real goal is engagement.  We want as many of our members involved in this campaign as possible.  Our goal is 700 families participating.

We’ve received a wonderful challenge grant from the Trinity Foundation, that we all get to participate in and support.

  • If Trinity has 300 families participate in our capital campaign, the Foundation will give $50,000 to the campaign.
  • If we have 400 families participate, they will give $100,000
  • If we have 500 families participate, they will give $150,000
  • If we have 600 families participate, they will give $200,000; and
  • If we have 700 families participate, they will give $250,000.

This is an amazing gift…and we are so grateful for the Foundation’s generosity and support.  It reminds us that all gifts, whatever the size, are important.  Thank you to the Foundation!

Intent cards will be mailed to the whole congregation on Monday.  We hope to collect them next weekend.  Please give thought and prayer about how you would like to participate in our campaign and appeal.

This weekend, we will be holding 3 identical special events.  We invite you to come to one of them to share in a meal, and to hear more about our vision moving forward.  The breakfast event on Saturday (Nov 5) will be at 9:30am.  Saturday (Nov 5) evening at 6pm, we will be having dinner together.  And on Sunday, (Nov 6) at noon we will have lunch together.  You can RSVP for one of these events here!

Please come, be a part of the conversation that will help shape our future, and learn more about the story that we can all be a part of telling!

God’s blessings!
Pastor Todd


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