Mission Jamaica Saturday – Day 1

Trinity’s Mission Jamaica team has safely arrived!

It was an early morning departure.  We gathered in the church parking lot at 5am, loaded up our personal suitcases, along with our suitcases of donations, and by the grace of Roy Collette, who volunteered to drive us, we were on the road mostly on-time!

We arrived and got checked in for our Sun Country flight, and made our way to our gate.  There, we connected with the group from Lord of Life Lutheran in Maple Grove, who will be our work partners for the week.  We also gratefully received the gift of the travel goodie bags that the kids from Lord of Life’s after-school program made for all their Mission Jamaica folks, and included us!

2017-03-25 16.24.34
Getting ready to load luggage on the truck

The flight was uneventful…which is exactly the kind of flight that you hope for.

Four and a half hours later, we deplaned, and after a beastly-long process of going through
customs (Really?  10 planes all landed within 30 minutes?)  we were out and in the sun and warmth.  We met Jeff, the Mission Jamaica director and loaded up to head to the hotel.

After checking in, we had some time to decompress, and then met for our orientation and first-night’s devotions at 6pm.  After that we headed to dinner, and now a few of us are hanging out in the lobby, though I suspect that many will be heading to an early bed-time tonight.

Tomorrow we head up to Westhaven and the group gets to meet the kids, and take many of them to worship at Faith Chapel.

So please keep us in your prayers!  And watch for an update tomorrow evening.

Pastor Todd

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