Mission Jamaica Tuesday – Day 4

Tonight:  Special guest blogger, Neil Falken:

Some of the supplies we carried down being sorted

So, next week I am sure I will be asked, “What did you guys do for spring break?” And when I respond with, “I spent a week with my daughter Lexi and others from Trinity on a mission trip to Jamaica” I am sure there will be some blank stares and pleasantries exchanged.  Yes, I have been on some great spring breaks with my family, but nothing that compares to what I have

“Hunter, the human paint roller”

experienced in the past 4 days.

When we arrived in Jamaica on Saturday we had been well-prepped by Pastor Todd on our itinerary and also on Westhaven Children’s Home. But there is nothing that will compare to pulling into Westhaven on Sunday morning and watching the able-bodied kids here come running up the bus to greet us. Just one step off of the bus, a young girl grabbed Lexi’s hand and just stared at Lexi. She had a new friend.

We all then proceeded to help kids get fed, dressed and ready for church. I met a little boy that I completely fell in love with by the name of Bob. Bob and I were buddies, and the others made new friends as well.

Small group meeting at devotions

When all who were attending church were ready, we then began the journey “up the hill” to Faith Chapel where I have never experienced a service like we did. The music was loud, the faith was deep and their love was in the air.  Keno, one of the Westhaven residents, was singing to the top of his lungs acting as if he had a mic in his hands. A two-hour service literally flew by.

The last couple of days have been a combination of building fences, digging trenches and hanging around these amazing kids. So when someone asks me about spring break, there is no way I can possibly put into words what I have experienced in four short days. I am already planning my spring break next year, and there is a high probability it will be here again making a difference as part of Mission Jamaica.

A small group at devotions

God bless,
Neil Falken

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