Mission Jamaica Saturday – Day 8 (Headed Home)

MJ8BThere are moments and experiences that you remember, because something special happened.  Mission Jamaica is one of those experiences.

When you put blend the children of Westhaven with a team of people who are willing to let themselves be open to whatever comes up…God shows up!  And amazing things happen.

So I want to end the Mission Jamaica series of blog posts with a few words of thanks:

I’m so grateful to Trinity’s MJ team, for being willing to open your hearts, go with the flow (it’s all irie!) and let God loose to work within you:

  • Amber AhrensIMG_2334
  • Lexi Falken
  • Neil Falken
  • Aaron Mundt
  • Hannah Mundt
  • Hunter Mundt
  • Michele Mundt

Thank you!  It was an honor to be in Jamaica and at Westhaven with you!

I’m also grateful to my good friends at Lord of Life.  It was an so great to see you again.  And I’m thankful for Phil Leith, who served as their team leader, along with my good friend and mentor, Pastor Peter.

I’m thankful to the people of Westhaven, the children and the staff.  We get to just be with you for a week.  You are there pretty much 365 days a year.  You aren’t just a home for children in need.  You are a family and a sanctuary.

MJ8CTo Jeff, Paige and those who make Mission Jamaica possible, thank you.  I know the level of sacrifice you make.  We are grateful for all you do.

And ultimately, I am thankful to God, who continues to do good things, especially on behalf of those who need good things.  (And in that group, I count all of us!)

Today was a long day, but a safe journey home.  In the days to come, let’s remember that the things we experienced in Jamaica aren’t one-time events or anomalies, rather they are our identity and our call.  God calls us to reach out to reach out to those in need, to serve with compassion and to speak for justice…every day.

God bless!
Pastor Todd

PS – Mission Jamaica 2018:  March 24-April 1.  Put it on your calendar!


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