Love Letters: A Sermon Series

Typically, when a pastor at Trinity preaches a sermon, it is on the Gospel text that is assigned for a given week in the “Revised Common Lectionary.”  The Lectionary is a set of readings that takes a congregation through a large portion of the scriptures over a 3-year period.  There is also an old testament reading and a reading from one of the new testament “letters,” or epistles assigned for each week.

Occasionally, a church will go “off-lectionary” and do a sermon series, based on a specific topic, or area of interest.

This summer we are going to do both!

We are launching this weekend, a summer-long sermon series called “Love Letters,” which will be a sermon series based on the assigned epistle reading for each week.

“Love Letters” will begin this weekend looking at the scripture at the end of 2nd Corinthians, before launching into the book of Romans, which we will focus on for the rest of the summer.

Romans, written by the Apostle Paul, is an amazing book that deals with issues of justification and salvation as a gift by the grace of God through Jesus Christ.  It is a book rich with imagery that describes the relationship between God and God’s people.  It calls the Romans, (and us) to living a life that draws us closer in relationship with God.

It’s an exciting book, and one that we don’t actually spend much time working through, especially in worship.

This sermon series will allow us to think just a bit differently.  It will expose us to the wisdom of Paul, and will encourage each of us to wonder about our own relationship with God.

The epistles are quite literally, Love Letters.  They are advice for life and faith.  And they are given to us because of God’s love.

We’re looking forward to this summer series!  We’ll see you in worship!

Pastor Todd

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