TableTalk on Sunday Morning

Trinity is a high-energy congregation, and it seems like everything is changing…all the time.  And that’s ok.  Change doesn’t scare us…we embrace the ongoing movement of God’s Spirit in our community.

But I want to make sure that in the midst of transition, we communicate well with the congregation about what is going on, and where we think the Holy Spirit is leading us.

So it was in a conversation with Kathy Chatelaine, our congregational council president, that I was wondering how we can make sure that people Trinity can stay ‘in the loop.’  An article in the Messenger would be really long.  An e-mail wouldn’t get to everyone, and even a blog post wouldn’t really allow people to ask questions, and offer input.

So we wondered about taking time during an adult faith-formation session, perhaps 2-3 times a year, to talk about the larger elements of what we’re working on, and to answer any questions and gather feedback.

This Sunday, I’ll be doing the first of these “TableTalk” sessions.

The bigger elements we’re going to address?

  • Our staffing and personnel, in particular, both our Administrator and Associate Pastor positions
  • Trinity’s work to re-think our mission statement (and a peek at our first drafts!)
  • Budgeting
  • Trinity’s Centennial Celebration
  • And whatever else you want to talk about.

So if you’re interested in where we’re headed…if you are wondering what we’re up to…if you have questions, or feedback…you should join me in the Lounge on Sunday morning (December 3) at 9:30am.  I’ll make sure we’ve got coffee ready to go.  Come with your questions!

Pastor Todd

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